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Making it easier to get booked in for your Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be quite an unnerving experience. Not knowing what to ask or how to go about contacting the artist can put a lot of people off. So we’ve made this handy guide to booking in.

Know what you want
  • Know what you want. It seems straight forward but you can’t book in to get a tattoo until you are sure you know what you want.
  • A vague idea is not good enough to book an appointment to get tattooed. Our custom tattoo section on the website that will help you get your ideas together, so the artist can draw you your tattoo.
  • So if you are not clear about what you want! Go to our custom tattoo section read that then book a consultation with an artist, so we can talk over your design. That way you are getting the tattoos that you are sure about. Please don’t rush no one should get a tattoo on a whim.
Contact the Artist
  • Before you can make any tattoo bookings, you must contact the artist first.
  • There are few way to contact Debay. The best way is by the consultation form it gets all the information needed to understand what tattoo you are looking to get. Find that on our custom tattoos page
  • You can contact Debay by e-mail or social media. But with these methods you may need follow up questions on the information given for your tattoo.
Know when you have time to get Tattooed.
  • After you’ve contacted your artist, your design is done and you have got an idea of the time your tattoo will take you now have to work out when you can come into the studio to get the tattoo done.
  • You will be sent a link to Tattoo Booking Request form to give your artist times that you will be available to get your tattoo done.
  • When requesting times try and give as much availability as possible and you should be able to get booked in quicker.
  • Once your artist receives the booking request they will offer you booking slots based on the information given.
  • No booking is secured until the artist confirms the booking and the deposit is paid.

Tattoos take time. The more time you spend on your tattoo, both researching it and getting it, the better it will be

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